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  • Wonderful place to stay near central Granada
  • A place like home
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  • Nevermind Ortega . . what a delight!
  • Friendly with quirky old school rooms
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  • Should you visit the Mariposa? Should you go to Nicaragua?
  • La Mariposa Skype Lessons are Just What We Need!
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  • ❤️ Perfect introduction to Nicaragua❤️
  • Best place to layover in Managua
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  • Little bit more expensive but great
  • Barrio Cafe Hotel is a great place to stay!
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  • Great location, great value, great people
  • Excellent value and well-located
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  • I've stayed a couple times in Matagalpa adn I've always chosen for la buena onda.
  • Nice hostel, lovely staff
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  • Wonderful service!
  • Welcoming Place
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  • Nice place with a reasonable price.
  • Good environment & nice rooms
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