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  • Superb - the Kilimanjaro experts
  • Serene
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  • Great hotel in a great location
  • Great Location and Friendly Staff!
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  • Beautiful and peaceful getaway!
  • A beautiful quiet place to stay on your own or with your family
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  • The team made the place greater
  • Fantastic resort and excellent staff
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  • Comfortable stay and grate service
  • great place to stay. The staff is very friendly. A view over looking the ocean from the roof top resturant.
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  • Tiny rooms, but excellent atmosphere
  • Cozy and Charming Budget Retreat in Stone Town
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  • Paradise on the best beach in Nungwi
  • Come as guests - leave as friends
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  • My Favorite Place
  • Perfect!!!
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  • Definetely better than any exectation!
  • Home made pasta @ Welcoming stuff
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  • Hotel before, between, and after Shah Tour Safari/ Kilimanjaro Climb
  • We enjoyed our stay very much
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