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TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2017TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2017Regional - Asia
"Simply the Best!"
"Best crew, best in flight meals, best entertainment, best customer service, always courteous and helpful, nothing is too much trouble, and reasonable fares. I only fly Singapore Airlines, I tried the rest, I stay with the best! Other airlines please take notice!"
"My new favorite airline"
"…Exceptional Japanese service. I was so impressed...that I took ANA again when I went to Japan this month"
"Asiana Airlines are angels in the sky"
"Their service is always done with a genuine smile. The flight was smooth and landing was unblemished. The first one to check for flying overseas."
"Loved it"
"The whole experience with Cathay Pacific was just wonderful. Hassle-free check-in and boarding, comfy seats and awesome in-flight entertainment. Loved the food as well"
"Business Class Beauty"
"the ergonomics and thoughtful decor make this plane a winner"
"Impeccable Airline!"
"Eva Air provides impeccable service from start to finish. The flight attendants are always available to serve, very pleasant and there when you need them. The airplane itself is clean and very comfortable."
"Relaxing, courteous flight"
Barbara A
"A very comfortable flight, seats and a delicious meal. The staff are extremely attentive and charming"
"Awesome service!"
Daniel T
"As expected, service was outstanding!!! Very courteous, professional flight attendants; always catering to every need of its passengers! Comfortable seats, good in-flight meal, very clean cabin!!!"
"What a wonderful experience"
"Everything on this plane was great. The staff, the food, the seats (wide, reclining and clean) made you really enjoy the trip. The staff is very professional"
"I love this airline"
"All the employees were wonderful and smiles all the time."
"Wonderful Vietnam Airlines"
Chuck B
"Flight was smooth and the captain kept us informed the whole way. Food was above average"
Regional Airlines - Winners
Vistara - Best Regional Airline
"Best airline India"
"What a pleasant surprise! The aircraft was new and clean, the staff was friendly and even the light meal they served was really good. Very happy with this flight."
Tony W
"a great flying experience… Air Astana will now be my first choice when in this region"
"Boutique airline with great service"
Leonie B
"it felt like flying used to - years ago when flying was a service you could enjoy. Great flight, very nice airline"
"Great Flight, Amazing Service"
Anne C
"a very comfortable flight and the staff are polite and extremely helpful"
"Pleasant Flight - Good Service"
Chris H
"Pretty much a new plane - great staff and nice in-flight meal. Very impressed."
"Service with a smile"
Ray J
"I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, service and wonderful crew aboard this airline. It was exceptional."
Low Cost Airlines - Winners
IndiGo - Best Low Cost Airline
"It is always delightful to reach home before schedule. Indigo did that. Thanks Indigo."
"Best Budget Airlines in Indonesia"
"Citilink is should be your choice when you want to travel domestically through air in Indonesia. The service, punctuality, pilots, price are the best."