There are many people here who came to retire or just for a different pace of life. What is really nice is that your ordinary life is like being on holiday all the time - even going to the supermarket is like a seaside trip! So what is good about Cleveleys in particular:

 1. It's flat. That means you can walk in pretty much any direction without ending up out of breath. Ideal for anyone who is physically challenged in any way, including the unfit! It's also fantastic for bike rides and you can get right up to the Ribble Estuary at Lytham and to Fleetwood in Wyre on the coastal path. In fact, at Wyre you can hop on the little ferry to Knott End and carry on.

2. Cleveleys has got a brand new promenade. Rebuilt in the last few years as a sea defence project, Cleveleys has a full new prom, with stepped revetments going down to the beach. Not only is it functional it is also down right fabulous and has won about 25 awards to date. It's clean and attractive with seating built into the design and is a pleasure to walk on and use. Just watch out for the waves - although the steps take the energy out of them you can still get wet at high tide on a windy day!

3. There's some really good shopping at Cleveleys in an easy to use high street. It's all quite close together so there's not too much walking, with high street names and independent shops side by side. In fact there are so many things that you just must buy at Cleveleys you end up spending a fortune!

4. It's easy to get around. With a good bus and tram network - the tram way is currently being rebuilt (summer 2011) for modern new trams to come on stream in 2012. The bus stop is right at the side of the shopping street and hoppy buses serve the area.

5. The people are really nice. There's a good sense of community spirit in Cleveleys and on the Fylde coast there is a strong community tradition, with groups and events galore. There are groups for everything you can think of, and it's an ideal place to move to if you are elderly because you wouldn't end up on your own! For the holiday maker you are of course right next to Blackpool and Fleetwood itself has a decent set of evening entertainment from the Marine Hall, and then there's Thornton Little Theatre nearby.

6. There are enough places to eat to fill you full up! There are pavement cafes and restaurants at Cleveleys itself, with something for everyone. Take aways, proper seaside fish and chips and anything that you could wish for food wise. You wouldn't starve here!

7. Solitude is free and easy! At Cleveleys you can get away from the hustle and bustle simply by going on the beach. Miles of clean golden sand as far as you can see, with a shingle beach at the northern end of town which is home to loads of wildlife. There's so much sand that there's enough for everyone to have an acre to themselves!

8. Watersports if you like that kind of thing. The seas at Cleveleys are perfect for all kinds of watersports - fishermen are here regularly, kitesurfers and windsurfers. Cleveleys is never short of wind! It's fabulous watching them even if you don't feel sporty yourself!

 9. Cleveleys is near to a host of other places. The Lakes are only an hour away, Blackpool is on your doorstep, the countryside of Wyre and Garstang, and a host of attractions and things to do for all tastes.