Stone Age Cave Art

This stone age art cave is located in the south of Batticaloa , looming over the village of Bakiella, lies the rocky wilderness of Rajagala. Thickly forested, still and silent, Rajagala rises above the plain.  

Rajagala, the Monarch's Rock, is a rugged, mysterious and thickly forested mountain in the sparsely populated and rarely visited part of Sri Lanka. The history of the place is unknown but monks must have inhabited it before the 1st century BCE. All over the northern summit of the mountain are extensive ruins still awaiting excavation and recovery from the thick jungle. 

How To Get There

1) Colombo->Kandy -> Randenigala>Andaulpatha ->Bibile -> Nilgala -> (Inginiyagala )-> Ampara -> Uhana –> Bakkiella -> Rajagala.

2) Colombo ->Udawalawe -> Wallewaya ->Siyambalanduwa -> Ampara -> Uhana –> Bakkiella -> Rajagala.

Ruins of ancient Buddhist monastry