Getting to Lezha is really simple.  If you are coming straight from Montenegro, it is best to get a taxi and come direct to Lezha.  Cost should be around 40 Euros but since that is total price, if you are traveling with 2 or more people, it is fairly cheap.  If you are coming from Shkodra, you have two choices.  The first would be to come by bus.  There is a bus that leaves from Shkodra to Tirana every hour on the hour and will stop in Lezha.  The bus costs 150 leke (approximately 1 Euro).  The second option would be to come by minivan, or furgon.  You can either take a minivan for Lezha or Tirana.  Both will stop in Lezha.  The minivan will cost anywhere from 150 leke to 250 leke (about 1 to 2 Euros).  The minivan is a slightly quicker option if you are in a hurry.

If you are coming from the south (Tirana), there are also two options.  The first would be to again take a bus.  Buses leave from Stacionit i Trenit in Tirana, every hour on the hour.  Cost is 200 leke and it will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Lezha.  You can also come by minivan, or furgon.  Minivans leave from Zogu i Zi in Tirana when they are full.  You can either get on a minivan bound for Lezha or Shkodra.  Both will stop in Lezha and both will cost you 300 leke.

When arriving in Lezha by bus or minivan, you will be dropped off at the bus station.  The center of Lezha is just across the bridge.  Be careful if traveling during winter.  Minivans and buses run during sunlight hours.  It is best to travel during the morning and early afternoon hours when traveling during winter.