The City of Ujjain is considered to be a religious Town ...It is somewhat like VARANASI / Banaras of Madhya Pradesh.. 

.....The temple of MAHAKAL is most popular religious place..Dedicated to SHIVA..

...The other  temple gopalji ka mandir is also popular.. it is surrounded by a typical old style local colourful market..

...The OBSERVATORY started long back around 250 years is also an interesting place...

....The Museum of ARCHEOLOGY of VIKRAM University is really worth seeing if you have even little interest in this field.. Dr. Naman Incharge of this deptt. really very helpful..

The snake Garden as popularly called..but in reality it snake rescue centre and ope in afternoon and good to see if you have interest and children with you.

Kalidas Academy if any function is in progress can be visited

  Kaliadeh dam is popular with locals for picnic during rainy season