Lodeve town centre is renowned for its old Roman Town remains, including a roman bridge and fortress wall remains, visit local tourist office for details and map on historic buildings and local artists on www.lodeve.com

St Fulcran, its cathedral dates back to 11th Century and is thought to have a secret tunnel linking to the local town hall and also boasts a stunning organ in working order.

The local history is also linked to the Templars Knights... which can be discovered all around, and became popular after the Da Vinci code generated an interest.

Lodeve's history as well as Roman, and Medieval influence is also linked to the St Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimage.

Vue de Lodeve et St Fulcran

Lodeve, small insignificant town 9 out of 12 months, comes to life twice a year, in May for St Fulcran (celebrating the local saint with a religious ceremony and march through town as well as one week long funfair), and in the summer with its numerous artistic exhibitions and Les Voix de la Mediterranee as well as its weekly markets and numerous fairs. 

Small market town of approximately 6000 inhabitants is surrounded with beautiful scenery, nearby accessible sites worth seeing for a day's excursion are St Guilhem le Desert, Pezenas, Le Larzac, La Cite des Templiers, le cirque de Navacelles, le lac du Salagou, Cap d'Agde, Sete.

Many caves are open for visits nearby, Grotte des Demoiselles, Grotte de Clamouse, Grotte de Labeil.

Good allrounder, set in the countryside, but with many other available activities due to its location and surroundings, water activities, beach and lake swimming, sightseeing, shopping, hiking (incl. cepes picking in September), etc. 

Water activities at Lac du Salagou (within 10mns drive), or canoeing on nearby rivers, mainly Herault and Gard.

Lac du Salagou

Lodeve is also renowned for its religious interests due to its close proximity to the recently opened Buddhist centre (Lerab Ling Centre).  Lodeve was granted the honour of the Dalai Lama on a couple of occasions.

Transport: Easily accessible, close to Montpellier (Ryanair & BA), shoppers' heaven, 40mns max with frequent coach transport (La Populaire) and Nimes.  Also direct link with Beziers and Pezenas (Moliere's town) by coach (Manzanares) and Millau (La Populaire), now popular for its viaduct  built by Sir Norman Foster and recently featured in Mr Bean's holiday movie.  Lodeve is located on the A75 motorway and is ideal for short stopovers to Northern Spain, the Pyrenees and the Alps.