Fuente de Piedra Laguna

Fuente de Piedra is a white town located near Antequera and is close to the border of Seville Province. The population is about 2600. The town is famous for its laguna (lagoon), where thousands of flamingos nest. It is the most important nesting site of these birds in the Iberian peninsula. During wet years, about 10,000 pairs have been counted nesting in the lagoon.

The place was inhabited since prehistoric times by the Ibero tribe. The Romans came in the third century BC and called the place Fons Divinus (Divine Fountain). They recognized the medicinal value of the waters from the fountain. It is said that the Roman Emperor Trajan had water from the fountain transported to Rome for his use. In the 15th century, the area was a frontier between Christian lands and the Moorish Nazari kingdom based in Granada. In 1461 Don Rodrigo Ponce de Leon won a battle against the Moors and expelled them from the area. In 1547 the town of Antequera created a small village to house people suffering from kidney disease, so that they could drink the medicinal waters from the fountain.

In 1981 the Junta de Andalucia declared the lagoon as a natural reserve. On top of a small hill called the Cerro del Palo, the Visitor Center is located. There are explanations of the lagoon and of the flamingos. Beside the hill one can find walkways along the edge of the lagoon to look at the flamingos. Binoculars are particularly useful.

Visitor Center Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:00H.

Tel: 952-712-554