A must visit!!!!!! Beside Memories Paraiso and Azul or a few minutes away from all other hotels. 1 peso on the double decker bus there and 1 peso back. 4 pesos for 4 people in a taxi which only takes a few minutes. The bus schedule posted at hotels for the bus is incorrect - the bus actually comes every 20 minutes or so back and forth but it is quicker and more convenient to hop in a taxi from the other hotels. When you want to return to your hotel, there are always people waiting for a taxi to share the cost. Sometimes the bus is on Cuban time, and takes an hour or so to come. You can actually take the double decker bus all around the Cayo, to the Dolphin Marina and back to the hotels and the Pueblo.

The La Estrella Pueblo is beautiful and a must see for pictures, etc. There are 8 restaurants (Japanese, Vesubio International, Italian, Seafood, Steak House, Chinese, Cuban, Trattoria Italian). There is also a hamburger eatery and beer garden, ice cream parlour, honey house and a cigar house which is a MUST SEE. There are 2 bars plus a jazz cafe. Also there is a rum house, disco, bowling and billiard centre, spa for over 16 years old, beauty parlour, gym, bank, photo centre, post office, business centre, a couple of stores that have very nice items to purchase, markets set up during the day, a children's playground, live music outside and a replica church tower which you can climb up for a fantastic view and take pictures. There are about 5 flights of steps up and you can overlook the Cayo from the top.

Remember to take your passport if you want to exchange money at the bank. The exchange rate is normally better than what you get at the hotel front desks.

It is a beautiful little village to visit. Yes, you must pay for the restaurants, etc. BUT they are very reasonably priced and might want a change from the restaurants at your hotel. A trip here is a must if only to walk around. It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are staying at the Barcelo, there is a little open air train that brings you here.

Go to the Pueblo La Estrella in the morning if you want to see a lot of items and lots of other visitors. The afternoon is pretty empty, but lots of marketers are still there.

The Spa is beautiful and allows you to use all the ammenities when you book a spa time. The pool is surrounded by very nice padded lounge chairs. Unfortunately, they chose black tile and rocks for the deck and the paths to the different areas (sauna, hot tub, cool tub, steam room, showers), in the sun it gets as hot as a frying pan, so keep your sandals on when you walk around. The pool is very refreshing and is almost always empty; so you get it to yourself. Go a couple hours before your massage appointment to get use of the ammenities. Remember to bring your own towels, they don't provide them! The massage therapists are professionals and do a great job; as do the people who give manicures and pedicures. Prices are reasonable ranging from 15 to 60 pesos. You can get 20% off the normal price if you book through the Diamond Club at the Memories Paraiso, if you're staying at this hotel and have upgraded to Diamond Club.

The bowling alleyis a lot of fun but there were only two lanes working. You'll pay 3.50 pesos each to play. No bowling shoes needed, but you may want to take off your sandals so you don't trip when you throw the big balls. It's 10 pin bowling with electronic score keeping. They have a fully stocked bar.

There are two areas where you have live music and dancing. It's great to watch and often the dancers will invite audience participation.

The Disco is opened at night and is often very well attended. It depends on the group of people at the resorts as to how many people are there. Sometimes it can be very quiet.