WARNING: This report is VERY OLD, prob about 5+ years. CJ for example has been closed for years.

Dancing/Clubs in Mactan is limited to Lotus, however this is not great, best option is to go to Mango Square in the city, you will find clubs, bars, strip clubs etc etc here.  



     Mactan Island is not well known for its Nightlife.  With the exception of the all new Chicago Joe's Beach Side Bar there are no large Discos.  However, Mactan boasts of a wealth of Nightlife activities in which a traveler can choose from. All of the Nightlife is easy accessible and very safe on Mactan..  You can find just about anything thing you could want to do on the Island.


     Most all of the resorts on Mactan usually have some type of entertainment during the evenings. Some of the restaurants, and in the lobby and bars will have singers, shows, and performances..  These are mostly by occasion only, and only during weekends or peak seasons.  Please ask your resort or hotel what entertainment is available and the schedule for it.  Also be prepared to pay a large fee for such..  Some of the lounge singers and other performances are hosted by the resort and hotel, so they would be no charge to watch, but the drinks at the bars are very expensive.  The shows in which will be put on by the restaurants or bars inside the resort will have a fee. Some will include dinner, some will not.  The fee will surely be very expensive, and the quality of the shows is somewhat poor at certain resorts.


     This activity is the most lacking on Mactan.  There used to be no large established Discos. They are some smaller places in which offer the traveler a chance to indulge in these activities  however Chicago Joes Beachside Bar & Bump / Grind Disco is now open in Maribago:



Featuring state of the art Light and Sound systmem.  All DJ play disc and Video.  Live band daily from 7 to 11 pm.  DJs play from 11pm till we drop.  Nestled in the heart of Cebu Mactan Resort & Spa, Chicago Joe's has both afordable and great tasting local and interantional foods.  Americans feel at home at Chicgo Joe's.  Not to forget the only Chicago Style Pizza in Cebu.  When your done dancing go relax by the ocean, take a swim in the pool, go sing in the airconditioned KTV Rooms.  Scuba Diving, Island Hopping, CHartered Boats, & Jet Skis avaialble sth Chcago Joe's.

Magellan’s Landing -  Located in Pusok, close to the Marina Mall, is a small very nice pub type bar. You will find a lot of foreigners and Pinoy hanging out and having good time here. Drinks are reasonably priced and they do have live band every Friday and sat night.  Very clean, nice place, and they have dance floor in which patrons can get up and dance. The only bad thing about this place is that its very small.  Not a lot of room.. Very Safe and Easy access and transportation is no problem.

The Jungle Restaurant and Cultural Entertainment Center -   Located in Bagumbayan, Maribago.  This place is very famous with its Filipino Cultural Shows and Fire Eaters and Fire Dancers. Very Large Building with full dance floor and Disco set up and Lighting. They offer after their Show performances each night, to open the dance floor for anyone who would want to Disco. Very Large, but not a large crowd. Mostly there you will find groups who come together and want to have their own little party.  Do not expect a large public crowd, its more for tourist who want to stick around and dance.  Very nice for groups who do not want to deal with all the crowded places and stay to themselves. Very Safe and Easy access and Transportation is not a problem.    The Jungle Entertainment Center


     These are places where you can go and just enjoy a evening of drinking, watching sports on tv, hang out and in general relax and have few drinks and fun.  Some will have pool tables, dart boards. 

TIKI BAR -   Located on the Bigfoot School for TV Production, on the Main Road going into Mactan, you will find a small, quite, easy going little bar.  Outside concept with under roof and outside seating. Offering all types of local and imported beers and mixed drinks. You will find a lot of foreigners from all over here. Most of the patrons are of course from the Bigfoot Company, but many outside guests stop in and have a few drinks. Some large major events are held here at certain times of the year. With concerts and international festivals being celebrated.  Great place to meet a lot of interesting types of people. Television and light music available at the bar area. Very safe, well guarded place. Easy access and transportation is no problem.

Magellan’s Landing -   Mentioned above, also has Large TV at the bar for sports events.

L.A Place -   Located in Maribago, close to White Sands beach resort,  this is another outside concept. Seating under roof and also outside seating.  Very nice tropical atmosphere, with good selection of drinks.  Large TV, over the bar for sporting events. Light music and cozy dim lighted little places to set and enjoy a evening of drinks and conversation.. Very Safe and Easy access and transportation is not a problem.


      This is more what Mactan Island is famous for. The best Shows and Performances come from around Mactan Island. You can find great variety of theater and Cultural performances for a great evening of fun. 

The Jungle Restaurant and Cultural Entertainment Center -   Mentioned above, this place is by far the most Famous and recognized Dinner Show on Mactan Island and even the Entire City of Cebu.  You will find three nightly performances of The Filipino Cultural Dances, along with Variety Dances from all around the World. Great costumes, and very friendly staff and dancers.  The most famous performance of this place is their Fire Eaters and Fire Dance Performances.  Along with Hawaiian Dance, Festival Dances, and Modern Versions of many Songs. The audience is invited to join in on many of the performances and dances.  Cast consist of Men, Girls, and Some Gays also. Good for a Dinner and watching the show. Arts and Crafts and decorations shops. This place is famous with a international audience, and has patrons from all around the world. Price range is very affordable. 

Amazing Show -   Located at Hadsan Cove, Maribago, Mactan Island.  This is a performance of mostly all Gay performers. Doing a variety of performances from Phantom of the Opera, to Latin Dance, to many drama performances.  Not so much on Song and dance, but more on the theatrical drama performances.  Drinks only are available with the show.. Mostly of the patrons are Korean, being as it is a Korean owned business. Tied up with Korean Travel Agencies.  Public is welcome.  They are two shows per night.  Price range is very expensive. The area in which it is located is far off the main road.  The main area itself where the shows are located is very safe.  The road leading to business is not very safe, and should not be walked on.  Transportation is sometimes a real problem; since they are no taxi's much going in that area.  The guard at the entrance can call for you a taxi. Be prepared to wait, and also to haggle about price...


     They are no shortage of Gentlemen's Clubs ( sometimes referred to as Bikini Bars or KTV bars. )  Here in Mactan, KTV means Karaoke TV. But most of the time you will find out, they are in fact Gentlemen's Clubs.  Don't let the KTV lead you to believe they is actually a Karaoke inside the establishment.  They are many different classes and styles of these clubs available, with most of them offering pool tables, karaoke, darts.  Some are very high class, and some are very local style.  Please if you choose to attend one of these, please check out about them before you go. Some of the places i would not recommend for tourist, unless you are used to that type of environment. For those who do not know what a Gentleman's Club in Philippines is,  it’s a club that has bar, drinking, pool tables, and female dancers on stage.  Most dancers will be in bikini outfits, or some type of revealing costumes.  The dancers and other staff members are called GRO's. This means Guest Relation Officers.  While attending the clubs, many of the dancers and GRO's will come to entertain you at your table, through talking and general conversation. In order for them to set at your table and talk with you, you will be required to buy ladies drink. This is just a normal drink that you will buy for the lady.  They are much more expensive than a regular drink from the menu. 

Mermaids - Located in Pusok, on the main road close to Marina Mall.  This is the most high class, and famous of all the Clubs in Mactan Island. Very nice decor, with updated lighting and sound system, air con. With a large customer base from all around the world, you will find all different kinds of people at Mermaids. Very clean, nice, and safe club.  They offer full bar, two pool tables, a upstairs sitting rooms, and a inside pool.  Drinks are reasonable priced, but probably one of the more expensive clubs in Mactan. They have the largest staff of Dancers, and GRO's in Mactan. Also well know for all of their staffing being the most beautiful on the Island. Very safe, and transportation is not a problem...

Happy Dreams -  Located also in Pusok, not far from Mermaids on the Main Road.  Very nice club, with a bit of older decor, and not updated, but still very nice.  You will find a more of a mix of locals and foreigners at this place. Tends to lean more towards the Korean, Japanese, and Pinoy customers than any.  They offer private Karaoke rooms upstairs, no pool tables, and full bar.  Very large staffing here also. You will find the staff more sales minded here. Large stage with good lighting, and sound system, very safe, and transportation is not a problem.. Price range is normal and more to the expensive side.

Chili Peppers -   Located in Basak, close to Mepz 2 Industrial Park, is very nice and updated place. Great Stage and Lighting System. You will find the staffing here is smaller, and not as large as the previous mentioned clubs. Still very nice, and friendly place. They have no Pool tables. You will find a mix of all kinds of patrons here, and food is available also. Price is in line with the other clubs. 

Frolics -  Located in Basak, close to the Crown Regency Hotel of Mactan.  Again, a nice, good quality place. You will find more Western Customers here, along with some local Pinoy. Not so many Korean, or Japanese visit this club.  Club is one of the smaller ones, with not a large staff.  Very nice, clean, updated place with full bar,  no pool tables.  One of the Veteran Clubs of Mactan, it has been around for a while.  Price is normal, and very safe, and transportation is not a problem.. Note the area around and outside this club, is not recommend for walking, and just roaming around.  

Old Bridge -  Located not far from Frolics, this place does not have any Dancers or GRO's. A very nice small place with Karaoke every night, except weekends. They have live bands on the weekends. No dance floor, but very nice outside concept with roof. Food is available, and very safe and nice place.  Price is very affordable. You will find mostly Filipino customers, but many foreigners and tourist will stop and enjoy the singing and few drinks. Transportation is not a problem.  Please take same warning as Frolics.  Don't wonder around outside to much if possible...

     The following is a list of other clubs you can find on Mactan Island. They are more you local type clubs, very small, not updated, not well kept. The prices you will find is much cheaper,  and most of the patrons are Filipino. You will occasionally see a foreigner. These places are not recommend for tourist without a guide or without knowledge or experience in these types of environments.  Staffing is much smaller, buildings are much smaller.

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