Macau Egg Tarts  

One of the famous local specialities to try when visiting Macau is the (Portuguese style) egg tart, first made famous by creator Andrew Stow's back in the 1990’s and now a must-try inclusion to the local food scene. 

Macau egg tarts are different than the Cantonese variety that is prevalent in much of the region and as well as nearby Hong Kong. While there at subtle differences in taste between Cantonese and Macau (Portuguese) style egg tarts, the visible traits are quite clear due to the slightly burnt top, which creates a hint of caramelisation(think crème brulee), that you get with the local Macau egg tarts. 

Where to Try Macau's famous Egg Tarts

While there are many places to find Macau's famous egg tarts, there are two clear standouts. The first is Lord Stow's Bakery, founded by Andrew Stow, mentioned above.  You can find Lord Stow's original bakery and additional outlets in the sleepy village of Coloane in the south of Macau. There is another Branch in the Canal shopping area of the Venetian Macao Resort.  

The other local favourite for Macau tarts is Margaret's Cafe e Nata, found near the Historic City Centre in Macau.  Interestingly enough, founder Margaret, was formerly married to Andrew Stow.  At some point, they parted ways, and now there are two separate Egg Tart giants in Macau.  

So which is best, Lord Stow's or Margaret's? This is a long running debate amongst locals and fans of the Macau Egg Tarts. Most have a preference for one over the other but in the end, they are both excellent choices, heads and shoulders above fellow tart makers in Macau.