This article aims to provide the essential information required for visitors to Macau to understand how to use the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) SkyPier Ferry Service to/from the two Macau based ferry terminals.  The article will cover (SkyPier to Macau) and (Macau to SkyPier) separately. However, you may wish to watch this YouTube video of the SkyPier experience first.  

*NOTE - As of 1 July 2016, COTAIJET has made changes to their ferry schedule between SkyPier and Macau. Updated sailing times have been reflected in the article and can be found below. 

Hong Kong Intl. Airport (HKIA) SkyPier Service to Macau 

A.) Are you eligible to use the HKIA SkyPier Service to Macau? 

If you have arrived at HKIA and are seeking direct ferry service to Macau then you are eligible to use the SkyPier service as long as you can arrive at the SkyPier desk 60 minutes before the sailing time if you have luggage or 30 minutes before scheduled sailing time if you don't have luggage.

(N.B. For ECHECK-IN only and -  WITHOUT CHECK IN BAGGAGE - the Turbojet website states you must be at "the ferry boarding gate not less than 15 minutes before sailing time". HOWEVER It is not recommended to pre-buy a ferry ticket before arrival at HKIA in case your flight is delayed as the tickets are non transferable and non refundable.)

You may not use this reserved ferry service at the airport if you are not arriving by air. If you are already in Hong Kong, you will need to make your way to Macau via one of the two land-based ferry terminals. These are the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (HK Island) which provides 24 hour service to/from Macau and the China Ferry Terminal (TST - Kowloon) which provides daytime ferry service to Macau. 


B.) How to use the SkyPier Service to Macau? 

See the HKIA SkyPier Ferry Service website information for all information necessary to use the ferry service from the airport directly to Macau. Note that you will not enter or pass through Hong Kong Immigration. Instead, you will transfer, within the secured arrivals area of the airport, directly to the SkyPier ferry terminal area, via an 'Automated People Mover'.  

Once you arrive at the SkyPier ticketing, you will purchase you ferry ticket to Macau, provide your luggage claim tags to SkyPier staff and they will retrieve them and put them on the outbound ferry you are taking to Macau.  Once you arrive in Macau, you will be processed directly through the Macau immigration.

See the following flow chart for an illustration version of the process.  


C.) Is the SkyPier Ferry Service 24 hours a day?  

Unfortunately, at this time there is no 24 ferry service from the HKIA SkyPier Ferry Terminal to Macau. As of Dec 2015, TurboJet offers 4 daily sailings between HKIA SkyPier and Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. Sailing times are presently at 11am, 1.15pm, 5pm and 10pm.  CotaiJet offers 3 daily sailings to the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal at 11.45am, 1.30pm, 4.15pm and 9pm. See the TurboJet website for specific sailing schedule and fare prices. CotaiJet also provides limited sailings a couple times a day.  


D.) What if you arrive very early in the morning?  

If you arrive very early in the morning, like 6am, you can wait at HKIA for the first sailing or you have the option of clearing Hong Kong immigration,transfers to Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan (HK Island) via public bus A11 bus from the airport (approx 45 minutes) bound for the North Point Ferry Piers. You will need to exit at the Macau Ferry (Stop 4), which will be displayed in the bus as you approach so there is no risk of missing your stop. 

After you arrive at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, enter the building and purchase ticket on the next outbound ferry to Macau. Note that service is 24 hours a day, with departures every 15 minutes starting at 7am in the morning.  

E.) What if you arrive too late for the last sailing to Macau?  

If you are too late to catch the last sailing to Macau (you must be at the ticketing booth by 8.30pm if you have luggage, 9.00pm if you have only carry on) then you should clear Hong Kong immigration, exit the airport and transfer to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan (HK Island) via public bus A11 (HKG to North Point Ferry Piers, exit at stop 4 at Macau Ferry Terminal) or N11 bus (HKG to Macau Ferry Terminal), depending on what time of night you arrive.  

After you arrive at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, enter the building and purchase ticket on the next outbound ferry to Macau. Note that ferry service is 24 hours a day but with reduced overnight sailings, every 30-90 minutes until 7am when departures every 15 minutes resume. Best to refer to the online ferry sailing schedule for updated ferry times. 

Tip- If you are arriving too late for the last 22.00 sailing to Macau

Recently (Jan 2015) if you have missed the last ferry to Macau at 21.15pm (*lasted sailing is now 22.00pm), there is a direct bus service to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan (HK Island) with seats allotted for the scheduled 23.30pm ferry sailing to Macau.  Just note that this facility appears to be unadvertised in English. <contributed by TA Member - carbine>. 

Macau Ferry Terminals to (HKIA) SkyPier 

A.) Are you eligible to use the Macau ferry services to HKIA SkyPier? 

Ferry service to SkyPier Ferry Terminal at HKIA is reserved for tranferring passengers only, who will be immediately departing Hong Kong with one of the participating airlines.  See pariticipating airlines for details (see below in How to use the Macau ferry service to SkyPier). 

You are not eligible to use ferry service from Macau to the SkyPier Ferry Terminal as a simple means of traveling to Hong Kong nor will you be able to purchase a ferry ticket to the SkyPier Ferry Terminal without producing evidence of your confirmed airline ticket confirmation for a flight that will be departing Hong Kong. Once you arrive at SkyPier Ferry Terminal, it is impossible to leave the airport as you are already in a secured departure area. 

Note - If you require any form of visa to enter or transit through Hong Kong, you will need to show this visa in your passport (in Macau) prior to boarding ferry in route to Hong Kong International Airport - SkyPier. Check with the country list here in "Part II" and see if there is a remark ^ or * in your row of home country. You will need to arrange a Hong Kong transit visa if this is the case. 

B.) How to use the Macau ferry service to HKIA Skypier? 

See the HKIA SkyPier Ferry Service website information for all information necessary to use the ferry service from the two Macau Ferry Terminals to the SkyPier Ferry Terminal. It is recommeded to check in at least 60 minutes prior to your ferry schedule to HKIA and arrive at the SkyPier Ferry Terminal 110 minutes prior to your scheduled departure for the following airlines and 120 minutes for these airlines. Buying the ticket beforehand is highly recommended to avoid selling out. As the journey takes about 1 hour, it is a safe bet to choose a ferry that is leaving Macau no less than 3 hours (180 minutes) prior to your scheduled flight departure time. 

The ferry is estimated to take 60 minutes. Once you arrive at HKIA SkyPier Ferry Terminal, your luggage will be re-checked in, your official flight boarding passes given, clear security and collect your HKD$120 departure tax refund (since you are technically not clearing Hong Kong immigration but only transiting through Hong Kong). After that you need to take the APM to the gate area of the Hong Kong International Airport where you can find your scheduled outbound flight.   

See the Sea To Air Transfer sector in this link for an illustration version of the process.  

B.1) Tips from Frequent service users of the SkyPier Ferry Terminal

Tip- Printing your flight boarding pass before boarding ferry in Macau

Several airlines allow you to check in online and print or get an electronic boarding pass. You still need to get a paper boarding pass from the ticketing counter from the airline desk at Skypier. You will not get through security in to the airport at Skypier with a self printed or electronic boarding pass. And beware of check in staff who let you proceed without a pass issued by the desk - you will get sent back!!! <contributed by TA Member - carbine>. 

Tip- Checking in baggage at the Macau Ferry Terminal all the way to your final destination

Several airlines will allow you to check your baggage all the way through to your destination for MOP 20 per person. This means you don't need to collect and recheck baggage again at Skypier. If your airline allows this, it is suggested that you check-in at the Macau ferry terminal a full hour prior to your scheduled sailing.<contributed by TA Member - carbine>.  

Please check with the Tag through baggage service Sector in this link for an updated list.

Tip- Making your way to Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport 

After collecting your HK$120 departure tax refund and passing through security, you will need to go to the basement level to catch a Transit to Terminal 1. The transit makes an intermediate stop at Terminal 2. Do not get off here, wait for the next stop which is Terminal 1 <contributed by TA Member - carbine>. 


C.) Is Macau Ferry Service to SkyPier Ferry Terminal 24 hours a day?  

Unfortunately, sailings to/from the SkyPier at HKIA are not 24 hours a day and have somewhat limited services.  As of 28 December 2015, TurboJet offers 6 daily sailings from Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal to SkyPier Ferry Terminal. Sailing times are  7.15am, 9.15am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.15pm and 7.45pm. CotaiJet provides daily service from the Macau (Taipa) ferry terminal at 7.15am, 10.15am, 11.55am, 1.55pm and 3.55pm. CotaiJet has one sailing each day to the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Teminal at 8.45am. See TurboJet and CotaiJet for more information regarding daily sailings from Macau to HKIA SkyPier ferry terminal. 


D.) What if you have a very early morning flight which departs before 10:30 am from HKIA?  

If you have a very early morning departure from HKIA, you may want to consider sailing to one of the two Hong Kong ferry terminals and spending the night in Hong Kong the night before your flight.  You can then take a taxi into the airport to take your outbound from from Hong Kong.  

You can also use the main Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal in Macau, where you can find 24 hour ferry service to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Termianl in Sheung Wan (HK Island).  From there you can easily transfer by foot to Hong Kong Station where you can take the Airport Express service as early as 5.54am-23.28pm directly to the airport. The rail journey is 24 minutes only.  

If you arrive in Hong Kong during the late night or overnight hours, you can transfer to the airport via taxi or the N11 night bus between the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong International Airport.