With so many choices of casinos in Macau, it might be difficult to choose the right ones during your visit. Here are lists of Macau's best (and worst) casinos, based on personal experiences as well as insight from several trusted sources. Read below to avoid your own trial and error experiences in Macau.  Further, there are tips shared to ensure that you get the most bang for your budget and some tricks that will prove beneficial. 

Best Blackjack tables: MGM and Wynn.  With the lowest house-edge of only 0.09%(assuming playing with optimal basic stategy), it's the fairest Blackjack game in Macau.  Landmark casino also has 0% house advantage Blackjack game, but they have non-traditional rules (similar to Pontoon)and need to be studied before playing.  In general, Macau is a good place to play Blackjack compare to Las Vegas, with good liberal rules for basic strategy players(a blackjack pays3to2, surrenders allowed, double-down on any hand, resplit hands, dealer stands on soft17) http://wizardofmacau.com/games/blackj...           

Best Craps tables: City Of Dreams and Galaxy:  Craps game is dying a slow death in Macau. It's harder to find tables but they are still good places to play. Such as these 2 places, with 5times free odds bets. Other notables such as MGM, Venetian, Plaza (Four Seasons) have X3X4X5 free odds bets, not as great, but still decent.  

Best Baccarat tables: Wynn.  With EZ Baccarat, with banker bets house-edge at only 1.02%(both player & banker wins pay even money, without the usual 5% commission)  Traditional Baccarat banker bet has 1.06% house-edge, and 1.26% fo player bets.   Some casinos have no-commision Baccarat(banker wins with 6 points pay only half ), but the odds are actually worse than regular Baccarat.  

Best Poker Room: Wynn , City Of Dreams, The Venitian:   Wynn seems to have the most happening cash games. Every Holdem tables are no-limit. Blinds starts from 25/50 and up, no tournaments, and good cash games all around the clock 24 hours.  City Of Dreams seems to attract tournament players with their Pokerstars events http://www.pokerstars.com/pokerstars-...      

Best casino for non-smokers: Wynn. Problably with the best non-smoking sections, which is also the cleanest and most luxurious.  Interestingly, smoking in public areas is now illegal in Macau. However, casinos still allow smoking within the gambling areas. Many gamblers are notoriously heavy smokers so it can seem quite smoky in many of the local casinos. In the end, there are very few selections for non-smokers.  This is something to be aware of.  *Updated as of October 2014 - Smoking is now prohibited from all casino mass gaming floors.  Smokers can still smoke in smoking rooms inside the casinos, such as in airports.

Best free cocktails:  Plaza (Four Seasons), Wynn. You can order anything from wine, champagne, soft drinks and juices; also free snacks.

Best free stage shows:  Sands Macau and Grand Lisboa.  Sands with pop music and K-pop dance, Grand Lisboa with pole-dancing and jazz.

Best low-limit tables: Oceanus.  with HK$100 minimum  Most famous casinos have high-limits now, from $300,$500, and up. Oceanus might not be an attractive place for Westerners.  *Regardinging minumum bets in casinos:     500hk$ - Venitian, Wynn, Grand Lisboa , City Of Dreams, Galaxy, Sands Macau, Altira.  
  300hk$ - MGM, Lisboa


TIPS & TRICKS on how to get the most values for your money:

1) Always get the free players cards, even if you DON'T gamble.  Every casinos offer player card that give special offers& discounts on restaurants and facilities.  For example, as soon as you get the City Of Dreams player card, you'll immediately get restaurant discount coupons  and at lease 10% off their House Of Dancing Water tickets.   http://www.cityclubmacau.com/city-rew...         http://www.mgmmacau.com/golden-lion-c...

Most American-style casinos (Venetian, MGM, Wynn, Sands) let you collect points as you play. When you can use your earned points at their restaurants and facilities; such as spas, ferry tickets, room discounts and gifts.  You can even get free accommodations, hotels like Sands, MGM, Wynn will give free rooms based on consideration on how much you play; and without deducting your points.  Many casinos use different systems of giving  out points, so best to check with their player counter, or in their websites.  http://www.sandsrewardsclub.com/now-s...

2) Promotional chips, vouchers: When applying for your free player card, don't be afraid to leave your phone number and email.  Sometimes they'll send you special offers, such as discounts, vouchers, or promotional playing chips.   When claiming chips at the casino cashier, these coupons can't be exchanged for cash, of course.  Best advice is to use the promo chips to play Baccarat and bet on BANKER. Because if you win, you'll get the full pay-out (For example, if you have a HK$500 promo chip, and win on banker, you'll win the full HK$500 without the usual 5% commission)  DO NOT use the promo chip to play Blackjack, because you will not be able to surrender that hand.

3) Get to know the casino hosts: Most 5-star casinos have mass marketing hosts that will prowl around the gaming area and try to pamper players. Try asking them for extra vouchers, promo chips, extended stay, gifts. And ask them the best ways to earn free rooms and perks.

4) If you are a high-roller, then take advantage of the buy-in programs, which offers discounts, comps, rolling, dead chips, and vouchers. Ask the casino cashier or junkets on how each casino buy-in system works.

  Before heading out to the casinos, be prepared, do a little reserch and seek out the best rules and options on the the games that you'd like to play, to maximize your chances of winning and prevent any mistakes or unnessessary loses. Hopefully these tips are helpful. If there're questions, updates, corrections, comments, opinions, or added notes; please feel free to reply. Good luck and please gamble responsively.