You'll probably arrive by ferry at Siquijor City on Siquijor.  If you don't have a hotel reservation you should go to the end of the pier and check into the Web's Legacy Inn on the right.  The place is brand new and the price is low.  The rooms are very nice and even feature a walk-in closet!

Next rent a moped on the other side of the street and check out other hotels on the island.  The Coco Beach Resort is by far the best but room prices are up to $80 a night although they do have cheaper rooms.  Check out the Paraiso Bungalows which is next door to the Coco Beach resort.  Another nice hotel is the Hotel Agripino at Salagdoong, Maria, Siquijor.  Phone 0910-200-2552. It's government owned and the rooms are spartan but it's brand new and located on probably the nicest beach on Siquijor.  If you just visit they actually charge to get on that beach!  These are the only three hotels on the island that are modern and comfortable.

If you can't handle a moped (about $9 per day) then you will be pretty much confined to your hotel since the hotels are widely spaced and generally not close to town.  The town of Siquijor only has one restaurant of note and that is an upstairs pizza place where you can sit out on the veranda and do what the locals do which is watch the traffic in the street.

The island was called The Island of Fire by the Spanish because of the fireflys there.  It is fun to take your moped out at night and stop and watch for fireflys in the tropical vegetation.  It's also a lot of fun to simply moped around the island which can easily be done in a few hours.  Traffic is very light so it's very safe on a moped.

The biggest disappointment is snorkeling from the beach.  Virtually every beach on the island has coral under the water right up to the shoreline.  So it's a long hike over coral to get to deeper water where you can snorkel.  Then you will find that all the fish have been eaten and there is nothing larger than your thumb to look at.  All night and all day you'll see small fishing boats off shore sweeping up the fish.  It's very disappointing.  Do bring some booties to wear so you can walk out on the coral to deep water without damaging your feet.  There are also sea urchins in the water that you must be careful to avoid stepping on.

 You can have fun here but don't expect too much.  The place is clean because the community is small and they take pride in their small island.  The natives are truly friendly and it seems very safe.