Church of la Asuncion 


The Church of La Asuncion is located at Calle Ezcurdia, 176. The church was constructed in the 1960’s. The original church was a medieval church that was made bigger by Manuel Martin Rodriguez, who gave it a Neoclassic look. This was reconstructed in the 18th century and during the Spanish Civil War it suffered a lot of damage. Today the church has a Latin cross ground plan with three naves, a crossing and a tower. The best feature of the church is the bell tower of three floors that decrease in width, and this is topped by a pediment, and there are six bells. A red stone was used for the façade of the church. The main doorway has a large arch and has a coat of arms over the arch. The interior features stained glass windows with the figures of the four evangelists. In front of the church is a monument to the king Don Pelayo, and a garden with a fountain.