Church of Santa Cruz

The Church of Santa Cruz is located at Avenida de Contranquil, s/n. The church was constructed in 733 by King Favila (the son of King Pelayo and the second king of Asturias) and his wife Froiluba. It is the first monument constructed during the Reconquest and is so called because it housed the cross made of oak that was carried by King Pelayo in the Battle of Covadonga. The church has three naves and a crypt. The present church was constructed in the 15th century and reconstructed in 1632. The façade has an entrance with a Tuscan column and a stairway to the main door. On the right side is a small bell tower. The interior has a rectangular chapel. The church suffered damage in the Spanish civil war and was reconstructed in 1950. King Favila and his wife Froiluba were buried in the church, although their remains are no longer found here.