Convent of the Carmelitas Descalzas de Jesus, Maria y Jose

The Convent of the Carmelitas is located at the Plaza de las Carmelitas. The building was donated to the nuns by Marcos de Bribiesca in 1652, although the it was finished in 1745. The church has one nave covered with a vaulted ceiling, supported by pilasters. Behind the main altar is a camarin that is profusely decorated with plaster shapes of leaves. The facade has a doorway with an arch and a pilaster on each side. There is an elaborate curved construction above the doorway. There is a rectangular tower beside the doorway. There is a cloister with an elaborate stairway with beautiful ceramic tiles showing people, animals, and birds, this dating from the 18th century. The cloister has a double gallery. The convent has many valuable paintings and sculptures.