Most people who come to Kardamena, come to relax, eat and drink and of course go to the beach. 

There is already an article on here about eating, so now here is some information on bars and clubs.

 Firstly there are numerous bars, far too many to mention by name, but here is an idea of what is available. 

Firstly, by the taxi rank, there is  Memories, that shows all the football matches and any sporting events that happens to be taking place while you are on holiday.

Opposite is The Pub, which is just like an english pub with a computer room and snooker table, and of course a TV or two.

 In the main square, there is  Bliss run by a family of young daughters, oh and one son...mum being English and dad being they all speak wonderful english... 

Stoned Roses, run by Emma and Ilias since1960 on the corner.

Indigo or Jam...both bars in the main Square.  

If you want loud music then turn right into Bar Street, this main street has a variety of Bars, the only thing they have in common is loud's the place for the young set to hang out and have if you do not like loud music then go through bar street during  the day, as it has a lot of rather nice shops that sell a variety of goods.

On the front, if you turn right, there are a lovely selection of restaurants, Skala with their roof garden, or the Captains, or maybe you fancy a pizza at Pepperonis, then at the far end is the lovely Mataroa (speling?) which is on the main beach, where most of the water sports take place and also Aroma which does amazing ice creams and freshly made cakes by Kiki. 

If you go back to the square and turn left, adjoining Bar 1960 there is a typical cafe neon type bar, and this will be filled with local fishermen discussing their day, or playing cards, or just having an ouzo.  Again along this stretch of road are a lot of lovely resaurants, what more could you ask, but sit in a restaurant or bar, and watch the fishing boats bringing in their catch or the daily excursions boats comming in after visiting  the island of Niyros.  Try Blue Note or Terrazza, both have roof gardens...ah so back to the bars....

Further along this road is Velvet, again very popular for a great range of different coffees, or they have pg tips if you want a decent cup of tea, don't forget to ask for English tea, otherwise you will get Liptons... Argiri also makes all her own cakes as well as serving the most fantastic waffles..with ice cream and fruit and chocolate sauce....yummy.....further along the habour front are quite a few cocktail bars serving the most amazing cocktails, so in you fancy an Orgasm, or a Harvey Wallbanger, head along here...Adams Bar tends to do very well...with Yiannis and his english wife Liz running this bar. Two of their cocktails and you will really know you have had a drink. 

At the end of the Harbour there is a children's playground and if you turn left and second right there is also another row or bars, The 2 Johnnies, The Brewer's Droop and a couple more, and these tend to have some sort of entertainment on offer, as they are not on the harbour front so sometimes it may be a hypnotist show, or a singer...go along and check,   at the end of this road on your right is the very Popular Galleon bar which has a nightly quiz and also Bingo....then further along is the new Island, which is set in a garden, just the place to have a cocktail watch the sea and relax and enjoy your holiday and if you carry on past that for another 2mins you come to Banana Beach Bar a british bar on the beach also selling snacks and traditional full english breakfasts with spectacular views.

Not forgetting the Garden bar, which is in the back road, that leads from the Square, along to the children's playground, it is on the left hand side, and is open all day and evenings, and serves snacks, drinks and ice creams....It is run by Kosta, and Dawn works there all day....a nice spot to people watch.... 

Lastly there are four traditional cafeneons left in Kardamena.  Koko's which is in Bar Street, has just re opened after being closed for many years, not sure how they are going to get on....but some of the bars in Bar Street have now closed so lets hope there is a place for a traditional cafeneon.  There is another cafeneon  just behind the church, when you will see the men playing backgammon with their tiny cups of greek coffee, and maybe an occasional beer.

The most popular cafeneon for tourists is the one adjoining Louis supermarket, where you can sit and watch the world go by, enjoy and ouzo or retsina with a little mezze, of olive, cheese and spam...!!!!yes spam!!!!

Lastly there is another one just opposite the chemist, hope you don't have to visit the chemist, and here again you will see loads of greek men playing backgammon, or just solving the problems of the world, and this one is right next to the betting office, so very handy......just pop in and do the lotto....