Museo Fallero

The Museo Fallero is located at 9 de Octubre and has a space of 400 square meters which tries to explain the tradition of the fallas. The exhibits are interactive. There is a display of the costumes used by men and women in the past, as well as the present. The history of the fallas is shown and explained. In Gandia the fallas take place during the Festival of San Jose, that takes place every year on March 19. The construction of a ninot is shown, from the first design on paper until the large finished sculpture that is made several months later. The ninot has a base of wood, iron, wire, and thin metal strips. Later clay is put on this skeleton to make the figure. Plaster is applied after that and layers of wet carton. After drying, the figure is painted. The museum also shows the history of Gandia. During the fallas, these ninots are burned.