Planning your first trip to the Canadian Rockies? You will find the following TripAdvisor Traveller Articles (aka Inside Pages) helpful. TripAdvisor members just like you have created these Traveller Articles and many more.

For International Visitors

Canada for Foreign Visitors - Information & advice about Canadian banks and money, Canadian prices (not what they may seem!), tipping & etiquette, crossing the border into Canada, dates of Canadian public holidays, and more. (You may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see many of these articles.)

Weather and When to Go - What is the best time to visit the Rockies? What will the weather be like during my visit?

National Park Entry Fees - The most popular destinations in the Rockies are the national parks. Entry fee prices, how & where to buy, discounts available.

Winter Driving - What to expect if you're visiting from an area which gets little or no snow and your visit is during the winter months (November to April).

Getting to the Rockies

Banff - Arriving and Departing - Discusses the different ways to get to Banff: bus, car, train, airport shuttle, sedan service, and more.

Jasper - Arriving and Departing

Where to Stay

Banff vs Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper, etc. - The pros and cons of using these locations as your base for exploring the Rockies.

Banff Hotel Districts and Amenities - If you decide to stay in Banff National Park (but not in Lake Louise), here are the pros and cons of different locations, and some background information.

Jasper Accommodation - Do you need reservations? Types of accommodations available.

RV (Motorhome) Rentals for the Rockies - Pros and cons of renting and RV, tips on RVing and on renting an RV

Cabins in the Canadian Rockies - Where to find them, what to expect

Tenting and Tent Rentals for the Rockies

Banff Vacation Rentals

What to See & Do

Health & Safety - An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure: precautions for everything from avalanches to theft to wildlife attacks.

Canadian Rockies: Most popular sights ("must-sees")

Canadian Rockies: Adventures and Extreme Activities - Adventures from boating to ziplining.

Canadian Rockies: Trip Reports from TA Members - A list of trip reports from TA members about where they went, what they saw, and what they thought about it. Helpful for itinerary planning.

Banff: Family Travel

Canadian Rockies: Skiing and Snowboarding