The Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay) are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such we do a lot to retain their natural beauty and one of those things we embrace is recycling. 


The main recycling depot is located at 200 Beaver Street in Banff (next to the Banff Fire Hall) or smaller bins throughout the townsite.  There is also a local bottle depot for return of deposits paid on containers.  For more information on what can be recycled and how to sort,  visit the Banff Traveller Article



The following can be recycled in Jasper: newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, tin cans, glass jars, and some types of plastic containers. There are two recycling depots in Jasper. One set of bins is located in the public parking lot on Pyramid Lake Road, across from the Jasper Aquatic Centre and adjacent to the Jasper Yellowhead Museum & Archives. The other set of bins is located in the Stan Wright Industrial Area; to get there, drive out of town on Hazel Avenue (the downtown intersection with the only traffic light in town), cross the train tracks and take the first left turn. The recycling bins are located near the Bottle Depot, where you can also return beverage containers for the deposit paid on them. (In Alberta, these include cans and bottles, tetra packs, juice and soy milk containers, and plastic milk jugs and dairy cartons.) 

Jasper also has a community composting program for organic waste, with compost bins located at several locations around town, next to the large bear-proof garbage bins. In the downtown area, there are also small bins for beverage containers located conveniently.

Further information about Jasper waste reduction programs is available on the Municipality of Jasper website.

Hazardous waste, such as e-waste, batteries, used automotive oil etc. can be dropped off for disposal at the Jasper Transfer Station, located about 10 km east of town on highway 16.

Books and magazines can be "recycled" by donating them to either the Jasper Yellowhead Museum & Archives, or to the Jasper United Church Thrift Shop. The Jasper Museum, on Pyramid Lake Road across from Jasper Aquatic Centre, holds used book sales every long weekend through the summer, and the proceeds help keep the local museum open. In addition to these weekend events, books can be dropped for donation at "Fred's Book Nook" in the lobby of the museum whenever the museum is open to the public, and you can browse the selection for new and inexpensive holiday reading material. The Thrift Shop is located in the basement of Jasper United Church  on Turret Street; donations can be left outside the basement door if the church is not open. 



A fed bear is a dead bear. Bear-proof garbage bins are used throughout the national parks to discourage bears from seeking human garbage.


Most hotels have a recycleables container in the room, but if not, ask at the front desk and they will be able to dispose of items correctly for you.