At Kukara Macara you can dine with a view of the Monument to the Heroes of the Restauracion, the Heart and soul of Santiago , and downtown Santiago and the mountains. The monument and downtown are illuminated all night so the view does not diminish at sundown.  Kukara Macara is an open air restaurant with constant breezes blowing thru the seating area. Plus, there are fans in case the breeze fails for a few minutes.

They have an extensive menu, including grilled meat, fish filets and a range of seafood dishes, Sushi, Mexican dishes. The mesquite barbeque chicken or ribs and ceviche salad are particularly good. For dessert, try Flan de coco, Flan de caramel or  biscocho ( a special Cherry sauce covered cake).  

Their winelist includes several good Spanish and French wines to chose from as well as a full bar, including Presidente a very popular beer in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba,  and Florida.

The restaurant has an old west theme that carries through the entire experience from the décor (the entire restaurant is made with wooden railing), the Old West clothing of the servers, to the decorations on the walls and  actual sized Old West stagecoach atop of the entrance.

To find Kukara Macara when you arrive in Santiago , just ask for the “Monumento” and you will be directed to the “Monumento de los Heroes de la Restauracion ”. Kukara Macara is located on the square on the western side of the Monument.