Currently there are four well maintained Mini Golf Courses varying in price from 3.50 euro to 5 euro per adult in the Puerto Rico area. Two are in the centre of the resort on the way from the beach to the main commercial centre. The first one has a Snow White and Seven Dwarf Gnome Theme. The second is the Neptune Water Theme Course which is good to cool your feet in the mini rivers should the urge take you. The next is a taxi ride up to the Europa Centre at the top of the resort where the mini golf course has been recently refurbished in a Greek Statue Theme and ajacent to a very reasonably price licenced snack bar where you pay for the course. A pleasant walk to Amadores beach takes you to the Caracoles Sea Themed Course near to a wide selection of bar/restaurants and mini supermarkets.

All four have access to toilets if required.

There is one other course in the second bay in Puerto Rico the Botanic Themed Course but on visiting it in April 2013 it had fallen into disrepair and appeared to have been closed for some time which is a shame as it had been one of the most challanging picturesque courses. 

All the couses have their own unique challanges and you can pick your own favourite. There is a fifth course at anfi beach about 2 miles from Puerto Rico it is quite a large course but it is a good course some are easy and some are reasonably hard it costs 6 euros but it is worth it go early avoid the midday sun