Lencois is a small attractive town in Bahai and is the gateway to the Chapada Diamantina National Park. Once famous for diamond mining, the town is now a tourist attraction.

The population of the town has shrunk dramatically since the closure of the diamond mines in the early 1990's and is still going down. Lencois means "sheets" in Portuguese and was named after the many miners tents that used to dot the landscape. The town itself is quite small and the major attraction is the National Park.

Getting There

Lencois is about 400 kms inland from Salvador. Planes are infrequent so the best two options are getting a bus from Salvador, about 6 hours, or driving.

Driving is not easy. The road has been improved but the is a lack of signposts along the way and it is not too hard to get lost. Once at Lencois you will have no use for the car so bus is probably the best option.