This is an attraction that many don't visit but is a unique and relaxing experience that gives you a sense of what bathing was like for Grecians in the past. 

If you follow the winding streets and alleys of Rhodes old town, you will come across the ancient Turkish Baths (Hammam). The building is not open for people who just wish to have a look, however, for 5 euros a person, you can take a Turkish bath yourself and explore inside.

Men and women are separated for the experience, you are given a key and a bowl, and can rent a towel for an extra few euros. Remember to bring your bathing suit! You take your things through to the changing rooms, a huge high ceilinged area with lockers lining the walls. Undress and store you belongings safely in the locker provided and take your bowl through to the baths.

In there you will find a maze of rooms with beautiful sinks of water. You fill them with water at your desired temperature and use the bowl to scoop the water out and wash yourself. There is a lady in the women's section of the baths who offers a scrub massage. It involves being washed head to toe, exfoliated and massaged, hair washed, everything. It is up to you if you pay her for this service, though the suggested price is 10 euros.

You emerge from the baths feeling refreshed, relaxed and super clean. A rare treat that most visitors miss!