Things to visit while in Asolo:

1. The Piazza Garibaldi. It is the center of the city with its "Fontana Maggiore". The water comes from the underground roman aqueduct that used to serve also the Roman baths. 

2. The Cathedral. Magnificent Church that houses the "Assunta", painting of Lorenzo Lotto. 

3. The  Palazzo della Loggia-Museo Civico. Still beautifully painted with impressive battle scenes.The museum contains an archaeological section, an art gallery, a section dedicated to Eleonara Duse, one to Queen Cornaro as well as some local findings.

4. The Villa Freya. Has in the garden the remains of the foundations of a Roman theater.

5. The Castello della Regina Cornaro. Of medieval origin, residence of the prestigious Queen Cornaro of Cyprus, the only Queen in the history of the Venetian Republic.

6. The Casa Duse. Residence of the "Divine" Eleonora Duse.

7. The Villa Contarini o Villa degli Armeni. Magnificent example of the architecture the XVI century, just outside the walls.

8. The Casa Longobarda. With fronted turf stones and grotesque figures of artistic originality of the sixteenth century.

9. The  Rocca. With an irregular polygon structure, dating back to a period between the middle/end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century, with a core settlement dating between the tenth and the twelfth centuries.

10. The Cementery of Sant'Anna. Burial place the personalities of Asolo, and among others, of Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark.

11. The small Church of Santa Caterina di Alessandria.  Built on a smaller scale by the "Confraternity of Santa Maria dei Battuti" during the fourteenth century.

12. The  Convent of SS. Pietro e Paolo. Former monastery of San Pietro, was built in the seventeenth century. Remained monastery of the Benedictine nuns until 1807 and later converted into a college.

13. The Church of San Gottardo. Franciscan church with clear traces of its fourteenth century structure, once part of the convent of Friars Minor Conventual, convent that was demolished between 1820 and 1830.


Places to visit not far from Asolo.

1. The historic market. Montebelluna.

2. Villa Barbaro by Palladio (XI century). Maser.

3. Water mill of the XV century and the small church. Pagnano.

4. Tower of the Ezzelin. San Zenon degli Ezzelini.

5. The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Covolo. Crespano del Grappa. 

6. Memories of the Great War. Monte Grappa.

7.  Gypsoteca, Temple and home of Canova. Posagno

8.  Ossuary monument to the French.  Pederoba.

9.  Military memorial and memories of the Great War. Nervesa della Battaglia e Montello.

10. Abbey of Sant'Eustacchio (XI cent.) Nervessa della Battaglia