Tubing still happens and is great. For a very reasonable fee the central location booking office (savings by booking direct rather than thru a 3rd party) gives you a tuk tuk trip about 3kms up river and then sends you off to float back down to the town. Simple but WOW. It's a scene from Apocalypse Now.... A magical event  not to be missed. Time your final trip down the river to allow about 45 minutes from departure to sunset. The water gets cold when the sun's gone down.

The centre of the town closes at 11.30pm but there is always the Moon Pub or the Jungle Party for those wanting to kick on. The riverside bars were removed (for a myriad of safety reasons) in 2012, and after the initial decimation of the tourist industry, it has now recovered substantially. Now the tourists flocking back are not just backpackers.  As Vang Vieng is so cheap, families are coming and so are retirees, as this is still a truly wonderful place and you can easily afford to stay for two or three weeks to sample the different activities and restaurants and bars.

And tubing is but one of a number of attractions from ziplining, hot air ballooning, climbing, caving, cycling, paintballing, renting motorbikes or simply having a massage or going in search of where the myriad of butterflies hang out.

Tubin in VV