Sentinel Dome offers one of the best and easiest accessed views in Yosemite National Park.   If you can walk two miles, you can do this fabulous hike!

From the small parking lot, hike 1.1 miles on a well trodden trail and up the side of the dome to a spectacular view.  Take your camera, don't feed the persistent ground squirrels, and enjoy the view.

Yosemite NP Hike Description 

Alternate Hike Description 


Shortcut to Sentinel Dome (shorter distance, lots of parking)  Reply 2 in this thread:    Map view of the Shortcut Parking:  


UPDATE Summer 2015: Currently the National Park Service is using a shuttle between Badger Pass parking lot and Glacier Point.  INFO   When you board the shuttle, ask the driver to drop you off at the Sentinel Dome trailhead.  Use the Sentinel Dome trail to ascend Sentinel Dome, 1.1 miles. Then continue on the trail to Glacier Point, about 1.2 more miles. (See map linked above.) Take the free shuttle back to your car after your Glacier Point tourism.     


Some folks like to combine the Sentinel Dome hike with the Taft Point/Fissures hike into a 4.9 mile loop, but just the Sentinel Dome hike is a must-do for many Yosemite National Park visitors.

Large tree on the side of the trail.  Note that the trail is on a hillside for much of the way.Tree on the trail 


Hikers heading up to the top of Sentinel Dome. Final ascent 



Sentinel Dome, viewed from the trail.

Sentinel Dome from the trail