What wildlife to you want to really see in Yellowstone?  If you answer "bears" or "wolves" you are going to need a spotting scope to really see them well. Yes, you can see bears from the road if you're lucky, you might be able to use your binoculars to see alittle better or your camera zoom.You'll want a decent spotting scope to truly see these wonderful creatures. 

Instead of paying the high price for a good spotting scope, rent one. You can rent a top of the line  Swarovski spotting scopes for less than 35.00 a day,this is a steal considering what you can see with them. If you can get them a day before you plan on going to view the creatures, just to practice with the eyepiece. You can actually hold a small digital camera to the eye piece and take a picture. 

 There are  two places that rent scopes, the first being the General Store in Silver Gate, or by the NE entrance, the second being


There are times you must be willing to hike back off the road, other times, you'll be surprised to find a herd of people and scopes in a pull out.

Ask, Ask, Ask, don't be shy, if you want to know what everyone is looking at Ask. That's the only way you'll find out.

Search online for the latest updates of wildlife spotting, guides or FB pages of people who follow the wildlife daily, doing this will give you a step up. You'll be surprised how much info is out there to read, get copies of and ask questions of experts. Just don't go expecting a wolf or a bear to just walk down the road like those silly ole Buffalo, but then again you might just get lucky, and have one do just that. After all Yellowstone is full of surprises