Scott's BBQ and Homestyle Cooking, is at 637A-Northland Blvd Cincinnati on the north side of Cincinnati. This restaurant offers large portions, a variety of food items, and a tasty BBQ sauce (a perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy taste).  In fact, the restaurant used to sell their BBQ sauce at the local grocery store chain. Two can share an order of ribs, unless you are a big eater. (You would want to share anyway, so as to try some other entries) Their ribs are not the kind that the meat just falls of the bone. One would really have to work on it; but then it really wasn't "work" when they are that tasty.

The fried chicken is also a big hit at the restaurant. It is lightly dusted with spices and breading, which makes it a bit crunchy and very flavorful.

Two kinds of full wings are offered on the menu - fried and grilled, both are large and meaty. One can order from a few to a few dozen at a time.

No matter what, make sure you get plenty of sauce on your food, and you are good to go. Make sure you try different side dishes, especially the greens and potatoes with onions.  Corn bread or regular white bread come with the entries. The restaurant does not offer alcohol drinks, but their lemonade is not too sweet or too sour.

This restaurant does a lot of take-outs and catering business, so the dining room may be on the quiet side and while your waitress may be kind and friendly, you may wait a long time for your food. It IS worth it, though. The price for the entries ranges from $6.50 to $15.00.  

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