Mt. Adams, Mt. Adams, Mt. Adams!!!

A Live One:
Mingle with locals while listening to an all live Jutebox at A Live One!

Mt. Adams Pavilion:
Just next store to A Live One is Mt. Adams Pavilion.  With 3 levels and a huge outdoor patio, you won't want to miss the booty shaking here!

Just across the street from the Pavilion is Crowley's.  One of Cincinnati's Irish Pubs!

Just around the corner from A Live One...
Going to Cincinnati during the week?  Check out Longworth's Karaoke schedule!  Even if you don't sing, the entertainment can't be beat!  Also, check out their live music schedule during the week!  Head over to Longworth's around 1:30 AM (When the Pavilion is starting to close) and go upstairs to dance more of the night away!!

Check out more of the Mt. Adams Scene here:

You can seriously make a night out of being in Mt. Adams... From a show at Play House in the Park to a great dinner to a cocktail and some late night dancing... Have fun and take a cab!!