Flying in and out of Cincinnati is very easy, as the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is only a quarter hour ride from the downtown and serves as one of the most rapidly expanding airports in the nation.  Be warned, however: the airport can be crowded as annual passenger numbers have increased to over twenty million.

Travel within the city is also relatively simple, given the accessible grid layout of the streets and the satisfactory availability of public transport alternatives.  Under the auspices of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority—which advertises under its silly acronym SORTA—the Metro of Cincinnati pushes buses through the streets at prices lower than those of Cleveland, Columbus, or Dayton.

Walking and biking are two ways to avoid the congestion that comes with cars, though first-time visitors are generally not affronted by the type of traffic that characterizes more major cities.  Plus, the easy design of the city streets makes novice navigation a cinch.

The region is serviced by I-75 and I-71 for car commutes, and Amtrak and Greyhound are both available for coming and going from Cincinnati.