As a Brazilian and well versed in the variety of rodizios, it is easy to say that Boi na Braza in Cincinnati is a good example of a rodizio churrascaria and probably would be popular even in Brazil. Rodizios are places where different cuts of meat are served, in an all-you-can-eat parade of skewers that are brought directly to the customer's table. A bit expensive but still a good value if you are a red meat eater (lunch is cheaper than dinner). If you are a vegetarian and can stand the sight of countless pieces of meat being served, you will find some good options in the salad bar but probably will pay too much for it. If you eat fish, chicken, and pork but do not like red meat, find another place where you will pay less. Service is very, very good, with many Brazilian servers handling the skewers (nice place to learn a couple of words in Portuguese).

The cuts are typically Brazilian (picanha, alcatra, etc.) and the salad bar, although not comparable to the best salad bars in Brazil (some time ago, Brazilian rodizios decided to go a bit overboard with their salad bars), is pretty good. Now, the reason salad bars are so enticing is because rodizio owners would like you to stuff yourself with salads and eat as little meat as possible. Most Brazilians will just get a couple of things from the salad bar (hearts of palm, for example) and then go straight to the meat. By the way, many Brazilians will refrain from eating chicken and sausage in a rodizio (if you want those, grill and eat them at home) and go straight to the more noble cuts, especially picanha, which is probably the quintessential South American cut.

Finally, go hungry to places like Boi na Braza. You "must" make your trip worth the price of the meal.