Airport and Airlines 


Honolulu International ( HNL )  is the airport that most people arrive and depart from.  While HNL is the main airport of the State of Hawaii, domestic flights are now arriving and departing from Kona (KOA) on the Big Island, Maui (OGG) and Lihue (LIH) on Kauai.  HNL is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the United States, which is quite impressive considering the island’s small size.  A number of major airlines have regularly scheduled flights into Honolulu after a brief stop at inter-island locations.   Here are some of the inter-island, domestic and international carriers.


             Inter-island Carriers:       

  • Hawaiian Airlines    -   Terminal 2
  •                                          Lobby 2, 3    -   
  •                                          Bag Claim B,C


  • Inter-island Commuters:
  • Go!  Mokulele    -    Terminal 1    -    Bag Claim A
  • Island Air            -    Terminal 1    -    Bag Claim A                   
  • Pacific Wings    -    Terminal 1    -    Bag Claim A


  • Domestic Carriers:                                         
  • Alaska Airlines    -    Lobby 4    -    Baggage Claim D                                                                                 
  • American Airlines     -    Lobby 7    -    Baggage Claim G                                                                            
  • Continental Airlines  (UA)    -    Lobby 7    -    Baggage Claim H
  • Delta Airlines    -    Lobby 4     -    Baggage Claim D                                                                         
  • Hawaiian Airlines     -    Lobby 2,3    -    Baggage Claim 2,3                                                                             
  • Northwest Airlines  (DL)     -    Lobby 4    -    Baggage Claim D                                                                  
  • US Airways    -    Lobby 6    -    Baggage Claim F                                                                               
  • United Airlines    -    LOobby 8    -    Baggage Claim H


               International Carriers:       Custom arrivals


  1. Air Canada              --  Lobby 4
  2. Air New Zealand    --  Lobby 4
  3. All Nippon Airlines    --    Lobby 4
  4. Air Pacific             -    Lobby 4
  5. Asiana                  -    Lobby 3
  6. China Airlines     -    Lobby 4
  7. China Eastern    -    Lobby 4
  8. Japan Airlines     -    Lobby 5
  9. Jetstar Airways    -    Lobby  4
  10. Korean Airways    -    Lobby 4
  11. Philipines Airlines    -    Lobby 4
  12. Qantas Airlines    -    Lobby 4
  13. WestJet    -    Lobby 4     -    Baggage Claim E

              Charter Airlines:

              Omni Airlines   -    Lobby 6    -    Baggage Claim E 


             The airlines presently flying between the Hawaiian Islands are Hawaiian Airlines with jet aircraft and the commuter airlines flying propeller aircraft are Island Air, Mokulele Airlines and Ohana by Hawaiian.  The interisland flights are relatively short, and never take more than an hour.   Aloha Airlines went into bankruptcy in April 2008, Pacific Wings closed in June 2013 and Go! shut down on May 1, 2014.

Airport Transfers

             Updated 11.08.2011.   New airport contracts awarded.

            There are  many options for getting to Waikiki from the airport. These include by shuttle, taxi, private limousine charter or rental car.  Most visitors to Oahu choose to rent a car, as this allows much freedom and flexibility in exploring the island.

  • Public Bus 

             The Bus services the airport and routes 19 and 20 will get tourists to the Waikiki resort area.  The cost is only $2.50 per person, but luggage is not allowed on TheBus unless in fits under your seat or in your lap.

  • Taxi 

              Airport Taxi are available at most curbside across baggage claim areas.  Look for the taxi dispatcher with the "Yellow" shirt.  Average cost to Waikiki between $35/$40.00.    U.S. currency or charge cards accepted
- Charley's Taxi 
- Star Taxi Hawaii


              New contract shuttle for the airport is SpeediShuttle.  $12 one way to Waikiki, $20 round trip.  Shuttle services now available for the Island of O'ahu.  Inquire with dispatcher.   SpeediShuttle representatives are in the baggage claim areas to offer assistance. 

              All other shuttle services from the airport prior to the state awarding SpeediShuttle the new contract are not authorize to pick up fares, unless, pre-arranged.   Vip Trans, Reliable, Robert's and others will shuttle you with a reservation made in advance. 

              You will definitely be able to find cheap shuttles to the airport, especially if you look at the free brochures/magazines in the racks that line the streets in touristy areas.  You can get a ride for as little as $5 if you look around, and it is well worth it for door-to-door service (especially at the end of your vacation when you're lugging all the souvenirs back home).  You will often have to call ahead to schedule a pickup at least 24 hours before, so be sure to plan ahead!  Always ask for extra charges before booking any transportation. There are Shuttle services at the airport for no previous bookings, but, a number can be pre-arranged on-line at a much lower cost than walking to the curb, at the airport, and buying a ticket.
- Isle Transporte
- Hawaii Limo Service
- MolokaiTaxi