Another bit of information, you will find at the stands, would be the This Week on Oahu Magazine; Hawaii Magazine. These magazines among others have an abundance of information in them. You will also find This Week in ......the other islands, every week, there is different information about the island that you are looking for. They also have coupons in them (restaurants, hotels, entertainment,etc..). Very informative information included in these brochures.  There also is Waikiki Menus magazine for restaurant menus, happy hours, and live music in Waikiki.

The magazines can be found in the baggage claim area at the airport, at many newstands in Waikiki, in most hotel lobbies and many other locations around the island.

You can read the entire magazine online for several of them including the ads & coupons.  The Oahu Drive Guide, great maps for Oahu, broken out by sections of the island  'This Week on Oahu  'Oahu Gold' - Scroll to the bottom & click on the cover for Oahu (or other island)  '101 Things To Do On Oahu' - Click on the cover for Oahu (or other island)  'Waikiki Menus'

Another magazine with good island info, ads & coupons - 'The Best of Oahu'