International Folk Art Market (annually, the second week of July) in Santa Fe. The $15 entry fee lets you spend the day here perusing the 150 artists' booths, eating at the international food court set up outside, and watching and listening to live performances on the sound stage. What a way to spend a weekend! 

The booths are situated under large tents, so you are protected from the strong New Mexican sun. The offerings include fabrics, clothings, toys, jewelry, sculpture, carvings, music, rugs, and more. Ninety percent of the proceeds go directly to these artists and back to their communities. These artists are hand selected and vetted by the committee for this event and each artist is assigned a volunteer as a sort of guide and assistant. 

The event is held on Museum Hill in Santa Fe. You must park in town at the Capitol and take the shuttle to the event. While the festival offers free umbrellas and water inside the event, bring your own parasol or umbrella or shade hat and a water bottle to fill up because the wait for the shuttle to get back to town could be long and unshaded.

Santa Fe Indian Market

Santa Fe Traditional Spanish Market

Santa Fe Contemporary Hispanic Market


Santa Fe Film Festival For fourteen years, cinema lovers and buffs have come to Santa Fe to view films from all over the world. There are also panel discussions, workshops and more at various venues around town.

Pueblo Winter Feast Days and Dances (Throughout the year) there are 19 pueblos in New Mexico and 8 of them are just north of the Santa Fe area. You can find information about visting the pueblos and their schedules of winter feast days and dances on the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau website (see link). A local news outlet recently put together the defining list of Pueblo Feast and Dance days that incorporates information from the various area pueblos for your all-in-one source for Pueblo events.