The social fabric of Santa Fe generates a multitude of performing arts experiences year round. Pueblo ceremonial dances, jazz, and Spanish guitar represent a mere kernel of the possible events that might occur during a single performance season in Santa Fe. Numerous artistic avenues avail visitors to music, film, dance, and interdisciplinary arts. The following list can serve as a starting point for performing arts endeavors. Visit the Santa Fe Arts and Culture web page for complete calendars and further listings of organizations.

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival
The distinguished Classical music festival has been taking place since 1972. Each festival features new work. Past composers the festival has commissioned are Aaron Copland, John Harbison, and Ellen Taafe.

Santa Fe Opera

The Santa Fe Opera is a contemporary, professional opera company that performs new, traditional, and rare repertoire. The opera has programmed Carmen, The Magic Flute, the Tempest, and Salome for the Summer 2006 Season. During the summer, the opera also prepares cocktail  and lunch hour operettas. A New York City firm completed the main building's undulating, postmodern architecture in 1997. It represents the "shape of sound."

Lensic Performing Arts Center

The Santa Fe Symphony is the primary resident organization for the non-profit performing arts center. It offers theater, music, dance, and film performances in a renovated, Spanish Renaissance hall. In it's heyday, Lensic hosted actresses such as Judy Garland and Rita Hayworth in theatrical performances. The repatriation project renovated the building in 1998.

Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA)
CCA is an interdisciplinary arts center. The dividing lines between performing arts disciplines fade as audiences watch a light and sound installation, or visual art set against electronic dance music. An evening of live, sampled music was a recently successful event at CCA.