Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially if you can't find enough to keep them entertained so that they don't end up fighting with each other or worse, arguing with you. Parents can rest at east, because it's nearly impossible for kids to get bored in San Antonio. There are plenty of outdoors activities to keep your little adventurer happy, as well as fun edcutional things that will satisfy Mom and Dad's need to culture the children.

  • If your children are restless on the Riverwalk, try taking them to the Downtown All-Around Playground, located just a short walk from the main entrance to Hemisfair Plaza on Alamo Street.  This expansive wood playground structure features slides, crawl-thru tunnels, swings, and plenty of areas to climb, explore, and tire out the young ones while the parents cool off with a beverage from the snack wagon that is often located adjacent to the playground.
  • Spend a day at Brackenridge Park if you're looking to tire out the kids - there's a zoo, plenty of space to run around and a museum that will even interest kids. The Witte Museum has plenty of "hands-on" opportunities to satiate kids' natural curiosity. Who wants to go to a boring old museum where you can't touch things? Certainly not anyone under the age of 10. The San Antonio Zoo, also located in this park, has a "tropical boat tour", a playground where kids can monkey around and rain forest exhibits, just to name a few highlights.
  • Or you can bring your young ones to the San Antonio Children's Museum or the Magik Theater. And of course, you can't forget The Alamo. Here families will enjoy the storytelling conducted by the staff members.