If you are in Tucson in March, you must go to a Spring Training game (or more than one.)  There is at least one spring training game EVERY SINGLE DAY in March, and they all start at 1:05.  Held at either the Tucson Electric Park, which is a beautiful stadium built for Spring Training and the home town team, the Tucson Toros OR at the former home of the Toros which is at Hi-Corbett field.  BOTH are conveniently located in Tucson, easy to get to and lots of fun.  Three major teams have Spring training here, the NOW WORLD CHAMPS Chicago White Sox, the FORMER World Champs, the AZ. Diamondbacks and also the Colorado Rockies.  They play each other, they play other teams (i.e. Giants, Cubs, Padres) Tickets are pretty cheap, they are all really good seats in both parks and you get a chance to see players up close and get autographs too.   DON'T Miss it!!

Other things to do include must -see's like the Desert Museum.   It's a beautiful outdoor zoo which is not really a zoo, but rather a way to see desert animals in their own habitat.  The drive to the Museum is beautiful, as you go thru moutains and see tons of saguaros.  Prices are around $8 for adults, you can spend tons of time there and get wonderful pics.

Saguaro National Park is a must see location while in Tuscon, as is Sabino Canyon.  Get out of your car and explore these areas by foot.  Even better, do it on a bicycle.  There are many great paved bike trails in these parks.  It is a lot of fun, as long as you go in the cooler Spring or Fall. 

Also see the "White Dove of the Desert", the San Xavier Mission located just south of Tucson off of I-19.   Historic renovated church started by Father Kino that still holds services and is located on the San Xavier Indian Reservation.    Free to visit, plus there are some local merchants selling wares and food nearby for a real flavor of Tucson.

Don't forget to eat REAL Mexican food while you're here.   STAY AWAY from the chain food places and opt for the real flavor, located throughout Tucson, but you can't go wrong with any restaurant located in S. Tucson.  (i.e. on S. 4th AVe...try Mi Nidito, Guillermos, Crossroads, Michas...all are real Mexican food and atmosphere.)

Take a trip up Mt. Lemmon!!   It's a beautiful drive with incredible scenery and starts at the bottom with desert and cactus and at the top you have a ski valley and SOME evergreen trees.  (the trip all the way up is on a really nice road with great pull outs for pictures/taking in the views and it can all be done in less than an hour.)  At the top is the now-restoring village of Summerhaven, which is recovering from the ravaging fire of two years ago and also Ski Valley and Iron Door Restaurant...it's a great place to eat, look at the scenery and relax.   You'll love it.

Enjoy the desert.  Enjoy the weather.   If you are here in the summer (=April thru October) be prepared for heat heat heat...whenever you are here remember how dry it is and ALWAYS take along a bottle of water...no matter where/when you are here.