How to go to Sabino Creek via Box Spring Trail - A pleasant hike with diverse scenery.

Summary: 2.7 miles one way, so 5.4 miles round trip. Elevation 7500 feet, down to 6750 feet. Easy to challenging. Plan 4-6 hours depending on shape and how long you stay in the creek.
1 - Park your car at the The Box Camp parking lot on the Hitchcock Highway (i.e., the Mt. Lemmon Highway).
2 - Take the "Box Camp Trail" for 1.8 miles. It is mostly shaded with some ups and downs that are all easy.
3 - Then turn 90 degrees on the right (going north) to be on the “Box Spring Trail”. It is .9 miles which could take almost as long as the previous 1.8 miles. The turn is well marked by stones (no sign) and the trail itself which is easy to spot. The first .4 mile is easy and well-marked, going down gently through pine trees and ferns. Then you reach a spot where two long trunks are placed in a triangle shape like an arrow. The trail beyond this point is harder to notice, extremely steep, bushwhack style, sometimes muddy and slippery. Part of it is in a river bed, which means light climbing among rocks. Multiple stones have been placed to help travelers decide how to continue.

Once at the creek, it is easier to stay on the south bank to continue a bit on the left in order to reach nice flat rocks and mini cascades. Crossing the creek is easy in multiple places without getting wet.

Return might be faster since there is less hesitation about where the trail is. As an example, for people in good shape (no sportsmen) it may take 2h15 going (multiple photos) and only 1h45 returning.