Providence is not a city well known for its weather. While some communities such as Newport have great beaches for summertime travel, Providence is anything but a coastal town. The city itself, which is right in the middle of the New England weather systems, can experience many ups and downs. It would be unwise to visit during the winter months, as you would be subjected to harsh snow storms and bitter winds. Spring time can be a great time to visit, but you have to keep in mind that in New England anything can happen. Giant snow storms can arrive in April without warning and completely throw off a spring break. New England temperatures don't truly rise and get consistenly hot until mid-late June. The best bet would be visiting in the summer. While it might be hot, you can be guaranteed that the weather will remain consistent long enough to enjoy your stay. Of course, if hot weather is not your forte, you can visit during the autumn months, when the leaves change their colors and light up New England in a fire of red and orange. Providence, being an industrial city, does not have many trees to look out for, but if you take a short drive out of the city you will find a wide array of forrestry.