If you're interested in visiting Providence, whether it is for the first time or just another visit to the city, you should check with AAA first. AAA always has updated traffic information and attraction listings. If you are a member, then most of their services are free, including maps and directions. If you are not a member then it will only cost you a small fee to get these features. Once you have decided for sure, check the official website for Providence, located here . This website has an enormous wealth of information on anything and everything about the city. Whether it's shows that will be performing while you are in town, information on the local government, or just local news or weather, this website will have you covered. Before heading into town, it's wise to check the weather and make sure you won't have a bad experience. Also, if you want to watch some shows or concerts while you are in town, it wouldn't hurt to check frequently on Ticketmaster , although sometimes the best shows are the ones that get spread by word of mouth.