There are many published books related to tourism in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park , and Estes Park . The books cover a wide span of topics, but some of the best ones are guides to specific areas that shouldn’t be missed while on vacation in the area.

For a traveler who enjoys hiking, the book, “ Rocky Mountain National Park : Estes Park Valley : The Climber's Guide ( Rocky Mountain National Park )” by Bernard Gillett is a must-have. This book talks about over 900 favorite spots to hike in the Park. It is a great reference for anyone who wants to know more about where to hike, and details about each trail. The book would also make a great gift for anyone planning to visit Estes Park and/or Rocky Mountain National Park .

Visiting a new part of the world can be made more intriguing when a bit of history is known about the area before arriving there. A person can usually take some sort of guided tour of the city being visited, but reading about the history can reveal details and information not discussed on a tour. The book, “The Story of Early Estes Park” by Enos A. Mills is a story that describes the scenery in Estes Park in detail unmatched in any other book. Reading it prior to a trip there will make the traveler excited and anxious to arrive and see the sights for him or herself.