Most travelers arrive by air at the clean and well-organized Salt Lake City International Airport. The standard options for getting into the city are available: bus (the cheapeast option; route #50 run by UTA), rental car, tax and UTA Trax light rail. There are also numerous shuttle services located at baggage claim, which offer cheaper transportation to much of the Valley.

The UTA Trax offers a light-rail train into the city center. It is fast and convenient, and while the Trax terminal location is not  well marked in the airport, it can be found in airport Concourse A.  Note that if you take a regional jet, particularly a Delta Airlines flight, you will be dumped off on the tarmac of Concourse E and have a long hike to the far end of Concourse A to get the light rail.  

 If you choose not to ride the Trax, plan on a 20-minute ride into downtown, 50 minutes to Park City, and 45 minutes to Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. The airport is on I-80, which runs east-west through the city. Take 80 East to get up to Park City or over to the East Bench area. Otherwise, to get into downtown, follow signs from airport for either North Temple St. or 600 South. North Temple has more lights but takes you right into the Mormon Temple/Capitol Hill areas of downtown; 600 South takes you just a bit further south. Take I-215 South off I-80 to reach Big and Little Cottonwood canyons for skiing at the 6200 South exit.

By train, you'll arrive just west of downtown at 600 West. By car, you'll enter the city on I-80 from the west or east or I-15 from the north or south. Both air and car will offer the most scenic entries to the city; planes from the east will fly over the Uintah and Wasatch mountain ranges and often circle over the east shore of the Great Salt Lake. Planes from the east will fly over the Bonneville Salt Flats, the flattest place on Earth. By car, you'll see the same majestic scenery. Reverse these plans for departing. Shuttles from major hotels and Park City are available for both arriving and departing.  

 Just opened: Cafe Rio, Greek Souvlaki and McDonalds between the C and D concourses.  All are big improvements over the Burger King and Sbarro, which preceded them.  For those not from Salt Lake, Cafe Rio is an excellent Mexican restaurant and Greek Souvlaki is consistently rated among the best Greek, fast-food joints in town.  Great choices particularly when set against the usual, poor fare at airports.