Write to the Tourism Council of Frederick County, Inc., 151 S. East Street, Frederick, MD  21701. You can also call toll-free for tourist information at 800-999-3613.

The Official Tourism Web site of Frederick County, Maryland offers information on location attractions, shopping, dining, lodging, events around the city and country, and facts on travel to the region. The Tourism Council publishes brochures and visitor’s guides, while the Web site includes an image gallery of attractions throughout the town, along with directions and a travel guide to help you get around once you arrive.

If you’re looking to head out and take in more of the area of rural Maryland from the Atlantic Coast to the western mountains, the Maryland Office of Tourism Web site offers plenty of facts on visiting the state, along with information on accommodations, attractions and other helpful travel facts. The site includes videos from around Maryland, travel planners, facts on various cities and regions including the City of Frederick and Frederick County. Write to the Maryland Office of Tourism at 217 East Redwood Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. By phone call toll-free at: 866-639-3526.