Barstow, for all its traveler services kitchsishness, actually has a regional, if not a western US landmark of note: the oldest extant Del Taco fast food Mexican restaurant is located here in the downtown area next to Barstow High School.  Del Taco's first location no longer serves as a Del Taco restaurant, and is actually in nearby Yermo.  For reasons not immediately clear, this Del Taco is known to its company headquarters as unit #13.  Nevertheless, it's definitely one of the very oldest operating Del Tacos around, built in 1972 according to City of Barstow records. 

Compared to more recent iterations of Del Taco restaurants, this one is decidedly on the small side inside and out.  Restrooms are on the outside (not a surprise to Del Taco aficionados).  It does have a drive through lane, though it is much shorter than newer stores. 

Food selections and prices will not always be the exact same as what is available in the rest of Southern California, due to the differing business agreements the operator of this restaurant has with the corporate Del Taco office headquarters.  But yes, they take the advertised Del Taco coupons that circulate in the Southland. 

Del Taco as currently established began in 1964, according to readily available information the company puts out.  This restaurant actually began in a different Barstow location in 1962.  No historical landmark status has yet been given to this particular Del Taco. . . yet. 

Directions: take Main Street (historic US Route 66) from east or west of downtown Barstow.  In downtown Barstow, where the city looks noticeably older and the speed limit drops to 25 mph, look for the Del Taco advertising billboard.  It will have an arrow pointing you in the right direction downhill.  Go down First Avenue two blocks to the Del Taco.