"If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

Keep that quote about New England weather in mind when planning a trip to Concord.   However, there are 4 distinct seasons you can count on.

Winter: starts sometime in November and moves quickly as December rolls around.  The winds grow cold, the leaves on the trees are gone, and it gets really chilly.  The town is festive enough with the holiday decorations and shopping for the Holiday Season, but the tourist attractions are pretty quiet.  As the snow arrives (December-March) and it gets really cold, some people venture outside in search of the winter sports: ice-skating on Walden Pond or cross-country skiing.  Others stay inside sipping a warm drink and catching up on their reading.  The Concord Library is the perfect place to catch up on those books you keep meaning to read, or to read about the history of the area.

Spring: starts sometime in April.  Begins with the sub-category season of "Mud Season" which means the snow has melted and the rains have come (April showers bring Mayflowers) but not enough plants have started growing to soak up all that water.  Tourists haven't really appeared yet, but plenty of local people will be out and about celebrating the survival of another winter.  As the flowers begin to grow and the air grows warmer, just being able to be outside without coats, mittens and boots frees the mind and spirit.  On Patriots' Day, celebrated on the Monday closest to April 19, a colorful parade marches up Main Street to the Old North Bridge, pauses for a brief ceremony with cannon salute, and then marches back through town past the tribune of dignitaries. In between the two Main Street appearances, many spectators head to the nearby Monument Hall for a pancake-and-sausage breakfast.  May and early June are good times to visit if you like warm (not hot) weather but don't want to deal with the crowds of summer.   Expect to see some school groups at the historical attractions as many schools come to Concord for their spring field trips.

Summer:  starts sometime in June.  The weather warms up, and tourists start arriving.  When schools let out for the summer, plenty of families arrive, filling the attractions (and parking lots) with kids of all ages.  The attractions plan plenty of special activities and this is the time for socializing, playing, and learning.  Days are long and it's easy to stay outside until after 8:00.  However, some days are rainy, so it's best to have a "what-if it rains" plan.  The historic homes and museums are great places on rainy days!  For the warm and sunny days, plan to visit Walden Pond or rent a canoe at the South Bridge Boat House for a paddling trip along the river.

Fall: starts after Labor Day.  Even though September can still be hot, kids and teachers go back to school so the crowds get smaller and smaller.  Attractions generally shorten the hours they are open.  This is a relaxing time to visit Concord for those who prefer a less-crowded atmosphere.   First the evenings get chilly, then as October comes along, the days get chilly.  Bring warm clothes and you can still have a very enjoyable visit.  The height of the leaf-peeping season is usually around Columbus Day, but it can vary by a week or two, depending on the nighttime temperatures.  Occasionally New England will feel the effects of a hurricane in the fall, but it's pretty rare, and mostly just rain. On Veterans' Day, a solemn ceremony with cannon salute takes place in early morning at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Old, retired flags are presented by a long line of Girl and Boy Scouts, and the local fire chief is in charge of burning these flags in a fire drum.  At the end of the ceremony, participants walk to Concord Center for refreshments in the theater lobby.  A very distinctive local tradition!