Visitors frequently ask how much it will cost to take a taxi from point A to point B.  This is easy to calculate:

1) When traveling fully within a specified zone (downtown, midtown or Buckhead) there is a flat fee of $8.00 for the first person plus $2.00 for each additional person.

2) When traveling from the airport to a designated zone (downtown, midtown or Buckhead) there is a flat fee:

  • Airport to Downtown $30.00
  • Airport to Midtown $32.00
  • Airport to Buckhead $38.00

 3) In all other cases, the rate is:

  • $2.50 for the first 1/8th mile or less
  • $0.25 for each additional 1/8th of a mile
  • $21.00 for each hour waiting time ($0.35/min)

Use this handy fare calculator:

Atlanta Taxi Fare Finder

In the US it is customery to tip a taxi driver, generally 15-20%. If service is terrible, there is no need to tip.