Richmond is a Southern city, and that means mild winters, an early spring and sunny summers. It can get pretty steamy in the area during the summer months, with temperatures topping out over 90 degrees and high humidity, and the nights are warm—generally the low temperatures are right around 70 in July and August. To avoid the heat and humidity for sure, the early spring and late fall are the time to go. April, September and October visitors to Richmond can expect to be treated to mild days and cool nights, and many of the city’s most popular outdoor events are held during these times (the James River Film Festival takes place in April, the state fair is held outside the city in late September).

Winters in Richmond usually mean an occasional dusting of snow (the annual snowfall typically is under a foot) and daytime temperatures well above the freezing point, though nights can get rather chilly.

The region is also known to be hit by the occasional tropical storm during the summer season, and while storms don’t often do major damage, they can bring some rainfall. Be sure to check the forecast before heading out for your vacation.